Weber Exotics

Reserving your gecko

Contact us by phone, email, or social media sites to reserve your gecko. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to place a reservation. Reservations are given in the order they are received and will be held for a maximum of 3 days before the remaining payment amount is due.

If you are reserving during winter months when we are unable to ship immediately, we will require a non-refundable deposit of half the total price. The rest of the payment will be due when we are able to ship.


Shipping is done through FedEx ShipYourReptiles. Delivery to your nearest FedEx hub is preferred in order to help ensure safe shipping and delivery. Shipping is arranged once the full payment has been received and when weather conditions are safe at both departure and destination. Due to our business being located in Wisconsin, we do not ship during winter months due to temperature concerns. Listed prices of available geckos do not include shipping cost.


Sometimes when geckos feel threatened or stressed, they will drop their tails as a defense mechanism. Gargoyle gecko tails regenerate, though often the original color or pattern is lost once regrown. A dropped tail does not affect the health of the gecko, nor does it affect genetics for future breeding. An available gecko that has previously dropped its’ tail will include this information in its’ description. If a tail is dropped during the purchasing or shipping process, you will be notified however this will not reduce pricing or be cause for a refund.

Live Delivery Guarantee

Weber Exotics guarantees live delivery as long as the buyer picks up the shipment from their FedEx hub within 3 hours after the shipment is available for pickup or is present at the time of delivery to their home. Despite best laid plans and precautions, there is a small chance for DOAs to occur. If this should happen, please contact us immediately.