Weber Exotics


Our red super stripe female. currently in her second breeding season, she has already produced some gorgeous offspring!


With such a wonderful personality, this young red base, red striped male will do wonders for our group! Currently mating with ember.


Along with Ember, we got Atlas as a hatchling and raised her up. She is currently in a resting period as we want to make sure all our geckos are as healthy as possible.


One of the very first in our breeding group, he and Athena were paired for our first 3 clutches. Currently resting, he has taken part in making some wonderful looking, healthy babies!


Our yellow base, striped male. The most calm gargoyle we've come across! He is the newest addition to the breeding group and is currently Resting.


Our very first female to the breeding group, this reticulated blotch has given beautiful, healthy offspring for 2 seasons and is now resting.